Forex Signal: Trading Performances Upto September’2019

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Trading performances refers to the measurement and evaluation of an individual or entity’s effectiveness in financial markets. It is a multifaceted concept that encompasses various aspects, such as profitability, risk management, and consistency. Successful trading performance is often characterized by the ability to generate profits while effectively managing risk.


Traders analyze their trading performances through key metrics like return on investment (ROI), win-loss ratios, and drawdowns. Consistency is also a crucial factor, as it reflects the ability to maintain profitability over time, rather than relying on isolated lucky trades. Trading performances is a dynamic and ever-evolving aspect of the financial industry, and traders continually strive to refine their strategies and adapt to changing market conditions to achieve long-term success.


From 2017 we recorded our trading performances report. We publish our performance in our Telegram Free channel & Paid channel. All signal activity result we share on Telegram Free channel & Paid channel day by day. Our all time gain ratio 90% above by pips & signal quantity. Here is details:

April’2017 net green 2281+ pips
May’2017 net green 1789+ pips
June’2017 net green 2015+ pips
July’2017 net green 1870+ pips
August’17 net green 1925+ pips
September17 net green 1710+ pips
October17 net green 1705+ pips
Nevember’17 net green 1441+ pips
December’17 net green 1494+ pips
January’2018 net green 2163+ pips
February’2018 net green 1495+ pips
March’2018 net green 1280+ pips
April’2018 net green 1410+ pips
May’2018 net green 2541+ pips
June’2018 net green 2085+ pips
July’2018 net green 1605+ pips
August’2018 net green 1995+ pips
September’2018 net green 1320+ pips
October’2018 net green 1685+ pips
November’2018 net green 1295+ pips with 100% accuracy
December’2018 net green 1093+ pips with 91% accuracy
January’2019 net gain 1920+ pips with 94.58% accuracy.
February’2019 net gain 1125+ pips with 85% accuracy
March’2019 net gain 1590+ pips with 92.44% accuracy
April’2019 net gain 1020+ pips with 100% accuracy
May’2019 net gain 950+ pips with 82% accuracy
June’2019 net gain 905+ pips with 100% accuracy
July’2019 net gain 805+ pips with 81.31% accuracy
August’2019 net gain 1380+ pips with 97.87% accuracy
September’2019 net gain 1155+ pips with 95.45% accuracy

Net Total = 47047+ pips





All result & activities are shared on Telegram Free channel, also in Paid group day by day.

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