Performance: FX Signal Paid Service



From 2017 we recorded our performance report. We publish our performance in our Telegram Free channel & Paid channel. All signal activity result we share on Telegram Free channel & Paid channel day by day. Our all time gain ratio 90% above by pips & signal quantity. Here is details:

April’2017 net green 2281+ pips
May’2017 net green 1789+ pips
June’2017 net green 2015+ pips
July’2017 net green 1870+ pips
August’17 net green 1925+ pips
September17 net green 1710+ pips
October17 net green 1705+ pips
Nevember’17 net green 1441+ pips
December’17 net green 1494+ pips
January’2018 net green 2163+ pips
February’2018 net green 1495+ pips
March’2018 net green 1280+ pips
April’2018 net green 1410+ pips
May’2018 net green 2541+ pips
June’2018 net green 2085+ pips
July’2018 net green 1605+ pips
August’2018 net green 1995+ pips
September’2018 net green 1320+ pips
October’2018 net green 1685+ pips
November’2018 net green 1295+ pips with 100% accuracy
December’2018 net green 1093+ pips with 91% accuracy
January’2019 net gain 1920+ pips with 94.58% accuracy.
February’2019 net gain 1125+ pips with 85% accuracy
March’2019 net gain 1590+ pips with 92.44% accuracy
April’2019 net gain 1020+ pips with 100% accuracy
May’2019 net gain 950+ pips with 82% accuracy
June’2019 net gain 905+ pips with 100% accuracy
July’2019 net gain 805+ pips with 81.31% accuracy
August’2019 net gain 1380+ pips with 97.87% accuracy
September’2019 net gain 1155+ pips with 95.45% accuracy
October2019 net gain 830+ pips with 93.26% accuracy
November’2019 net gain 1055+ pips with 100% accuracy
December’2019 net gain 1010+ pips with 94.39% accuracy
January’2020 net gain 1260+ pips with 93.33% accuracy
February’2020 net gain 1325+ pips with 91.69% accuracy
March’2020 net gain 2675+ pips with 91.90% accuracy


All result & activities are shared on Telegram Free channel, also in Paid group day by day.

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