GBPUSD analysis on dated 04-08-2022



The GBP/USD pairing is made up of the British pound and the US dollar. The two currencies are heavily traded around the world, with a combined value of more than $5 trillion. The pairing is often affected by global economic news and events.


The British pound is considered a “major” currency, while the US dollar is considered a “reserve” currency. This means that traders often view movements in the GBP/USD pair as indicators of broader market sentiment.


For example, if investors are bullish on stocks, they may buy into USD-denominated assets like Treasuries or corporate bonds. This would push up demand for USD and put downward pressure on GBP/USD exchange rate .


Conversely, if investors are bearish on stocks, they may sell their USD-based holdings and buy into assets denominated in other currencies like euros or yen . In this case, we would see demand for EUR or JPY increase while demand for GBP decreases , leading to a appreciation (or depreciation) in those respective currency pairs against USD.

Today’s technical analysis on this currency pair-

  • We are trading at oversold extremes.
  • Buying pressure from 1.21000 resulted in prices rejecting the dip.
  • The hourly chart technicals suggests further downside before the uptrend returns.
  • Preferred trade is to buy on dips


Buy/Buy limit   @ 1.21200             Take Profit: 1.22200



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