Weekly Market Review on dated 27-01-2020

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With a new week comes new market opportunities. To help you get a head start, we’ve compiled this Weekly Outlook so you know what to focus on, and how to trade it!


Last Week:
  • IECB, Canada, Japan and China all leave interest rates unchanged
  • US equities unstoppable as the Fed continues its not-QE-but-actually-QE
  • On the commodities front: an oil sell-off while natural gas touched an all-time low
Coming up this week:
  1. Brexit looms with its January 31st deadline, and BoE meet Thursday over Monetary Policy talks
  2. We await GDP data from the U.S., Canada and Europe, as well as an Interest Rate decision from the FOMC
  3. Earnings season is in full swing with 400+ companies reporting, among them giants such as Apple, Amazon and Exxon. Tesla reports too, after having surpassed a $100b market cap this past week


The weekly market review is a pivotal tool for investors, analysts, and business professionals seeking to stay abreast of the dynamic trends shaping financial landscapes. This comprehensive analysis provides a snapshot of market activities, encompassing stock movements, commodity prices, and economic indicators. Throughout the week, factors such as geopolitical events, economic reports, and corporate developments influence market dynamics, making the weekly review an essential resource for decision-makers.


Investors use this information to assess risk, identify investment opportunities, and adjust their portfolios accordingly. Additionally, the weekly market review often includes insights from financial experts, offering perspectives on the broader economic climate and potential future trends. Whether one is navigating the stock market, commodities, or currencies, the weekly market review serves as a compass, helping stakeholders make informed decisions in an ever-changing financial landscape.

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