Bluehost: Migrate your WordPress site for free



Open an account today and let an expert move your website to Bluehost. Choose the plan that’s right for you. Hosting plans all offer high performance and world-class reliability.
Several plan options so you can get the most for your money.

  1. BASIC: When you need just one site.
  2. PLUS: For those running multiple sites.
  3. CHOICE PLUS: With added privacy and security features.

How to Migrate to Bluehost

Step 1: Select your plan and create a Bluehost account.

Step 2: Next, go to the Migration Services page in our Bluehost Marketplace, enter the name of the site you plan to migrate, and run a quick compatibility check.

Step 3: Then we’ll guide you to our Bluehost Migration plugin, where you can start the migration process.


Step 4: After you’ve started the migration, our team of experts will contact you to help complete it. Then you’ll have a chance to review your site and finalize the transfer.

Step 5: Once your migration is done, you’ll be ready to connect your domain to your new website (aka point your DNS). We’re happy to guide you through that.

Why migrate to Bluehost?

Our commitment to providing WordPress excellence is unmatched with a wealth of helpful tools and expert guidance to get your website up and running quickly. From the moment you create your account, to when you are finally ready to publish, no provider offers a better all-in-one WordPress experience.


How do I qualify for a free WordPress migration?

The free WordPress migration is available for any WordPress users interested in migrating to Bluehost. We do two checks to see if the migration will work with your website. We run the first quick check right after you’ve created an account and let us know what site you want to migrate.


That check just makes sure your domain leads to a WordPress site. The second check happens once you install the plugin. Then we look at things like your site’s WordPress version, website size, database size, use of WordPress multisite, current secure plugins, and PHP version. As long as your website meets the qualification criteria, you will be eligible for a free migration.

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