Account Management New Offer’2023


A well-managed Forex trading account is key to success in the currency markets. By following a few simple tips, traders can protect their capital and maximize their profits.


First, always use stop losses to protect your account from large losses. When the market moves against you, your stops will automatically close out your positions at a pre-determined price, limiting your losses.


Second, be sure to use limit orders when entering into new trades. This will help you avoid over-trading and ensure that you get the best possible price on each trade.


Finally, make sure that you are properly diversified across different currency pairs. This will help minimize risk while still allowing for potential profits from all market conditions. Our account management offer for you.

Minimum Equity $5k and Maximum $100k

  • Profit sharing 30/70 (70% for investor)
  • Maximum drawdown 15%

  • Daily/Weekly profit sharing.

  • Monthly Profit 20% to 30% 
  • Daily Profit 1% [Counted market day 20 days in a month]


  • Special Conditions- Account under our Referral:
  1. Create an account with  (Leverage 1:500)
  2. Create an account with  (Leverage 1:1000)
  3. Create an account with (Leverage 1:1000 ‍and USA, Canada regulated)


  • Recommendation for account type & payment: 
  1. Swap Free mt4 Standard Account 
  2. Currency: usd, eur, gbp, aud & cad


**If monthly fees basis, 1 (one) month’s fees advance payable. It will adjustable end of the deal or anytime.



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